Monday, December 6, 2010

5 things guys hate about girls !!!

  • Acting needy for attention.Some girls can be total whiners and we can't help but get annoyed when you start complaining about everything - the food, the restaurant service, your dress, your hair, your nail polish - it's making our heads hurt. You may be doing it to get our attention but honestly, it's making us less interested every second.
  • Nagging and being jealous.Asking a lot of questions is fine - we'd be more than happy to answer them. But asking the same questions all over again (with a tiny hint of accusation in your tone) and can send us into an overhaul and get definitely defensive to you. Learn to trust and have confidence in us. We find cool girls definitely appealing.
  • Making us wait. Everybody hates waiting - including you. We can not understand why you have to take hours preparing for a date - although the results are usually worth it. Being a girl is not an excuse for being tardy. Making us do so for 5 to 15 minutes is fine but hours is definitely something we should be mad about. So have a little heart. And if you really need time, prepare ahead of schedule. Life would be so much better.
  • Being available 24/7.Sure, we love it when we hangout. But when you launch into a text marathon and checking up on us every minute is enough to unleash the paranoia in us. Guys love a challenge and the more you show that your world evolves on us alone makes you look like you don't have other things to do - we love a woman who has a strong personality and has a life.
  • Expecting us to be mind readers.Saying something and mean another has been a woman's trademark. Being overtly friendly one minute and then turn into an ice queen the next is mind boggling enough. We will love it if you tell it straight to our faces that you're not fine or that something's bothering you - it's less stressful and no pressure, isn't it?